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Poster: elmagno Date: Mar 13, 2010 2:25pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Here's twelve I have just coded or dloaded

These were all BIG files with meager alternatives:

Timber Queen 3.7Gb DONE
Murder on the High Seas DONE
The lady says no DONE
Sunset range 2.7 DONE
Hats off 3+Gb DONE
West of the divide DONE (From PublDomainTorrents)
Mr reckless 3.8 DONE
Revenge of the virgins (now downloading from peer net)
Crime patrol 250 3.6 DONE
The dark hour 2.8 gb DONE
Million Dollar Weekend
With Words and Music

Also (maybe saving you some labor, I hope) I have almost all of 13th Guest downloaded in a 700 avi file, but who knows what shape it will be in.

Finally, my list of BIG files with few alternatives has also grown BIG itself. Here it is alphabetically:

American Empire 3.9Gb
Black stallion 2.3Gb
Blood of Jesus
Border vengeance 3.2
Border patrol 3.5Gb
Border Patrolman 2.0Gb
Border Caballero 3.5Gb
Born to gamble 3.7 gig
A bride for henry 3.9Gb
Cowboy Holiday (1935)2.9Gb
Cowboy counsellor 2.6gb
Crooked circle 3.9 gb
Danger flight 3.1gb
Desert esacpe 3.8
Desirable lady 3.5
The drifter 275 2.7 gb
Escape to paradise
The feud maker 3.7gb
Fighting renegade 3.3
Fhe fighter 320 3.8gb
Fighting deputy 3.0Gb
Fighting men 3.9 Gb
Fighting stallion 3.7Gb
Flesh and the spur 3.2Gb
Gangsters of the frontier 3.6Gb
The great commandment 3.8gb
The girl from monterey 3.7Gb
Kansas Pacific 3.1Gb
Lady in the Death House (1944) 3.4 Gb
A life at stake 3.1 gb
Loaded pistols 4gb
Long shot 3.9gbMachine Gun Mama 3.7Gb
Nabonga 4gb
Outlaws' paradise 3.3Gb
Panthers Claw 2.9Gb
Parachute Battalion 3.1Gb
Phantom of 42nd St 3.8Gb
Power dive 3.9gb ia
Rainbows end 2.9
Renegade girl 3.8
Rip roaring buckaroo
Rolling home 3.8/2.4
Shadows of death
Trail riders